LaBriut Cafe

Kosher Restaurant in Richmond Hill

La Briut is all about Kosher and authenticity.

We value fresh ingredients and homemade cooking and we understand that sometimes it is hard and time consuming to prepare an authentic kosher meal for everyone around the table and for yourself.

We at La Briut also pride ourselves on working very closely with the Richmond Hill Country Shul since day one of opening our doors. Since moving in, the Shul has always been by our side and vice-versa. We have been there for each other from the beginning and have been through many accomplishments together.

Mutual aid

Supporting the local community has been a top priority that we have accomplished together that wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Shul. They gave us a place to run our restaurant and motivated us to get more involved in the community by running various events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and supplying food to local schools and organizations. Together, the work, accomplishments, and deeds that we had the privilege of achieving together with the Shul go beyond anyone's imagination and we cannot wait for what else is in store for us together. 

Get Details For Your Event

Please get in touch to inquire about availability of the hall for your event.