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Sponsored by: The Country Shul Community

New Building Dedications


Dedication Opportunities still Available!

Community Torah Scroll: 
    - Torah Scroll Dedication in Your Family Name
    - Individual Mitzvah dedications 
    - Weekly Reading Dedications
    - Special Verse Dedications (First Verse, Last verse, Sh'ma, Jacob's and Moses' Blessings of the Tribes, Birkat Kohanim, Opening of the Ark, Shabbat, Pesach, Sukkot, Ten Commandments, Torah Scroll!)
Building Dedications:
- Kotel Wall 
- Elijah's Chair
- Podium
- Bima
- Ten Commandments
- Twelve Tribes
- Menorah
- Pews
- Library
- Siddurim
- Chumashim
- Bookshelves, Washing sinks, Paroches,  Amud, Amud cover , Bima Cover, Windows,
Ner Tomid,

Memorial plaques, Memorial plaques main frames

For more information regarding dedication opportunities, please contact OR Submit the Form Below


Once this form is submitted we will get back to you promptly to discuss pricing etc.


Thu, March 22 2018 6 Nisan 5778