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Our Vision

A Jewish community united in spirit and purpose is a strong Jewish community.

The Country Shul treasures each individual, fosters a warm and relaxed environment, and offers the Services, Torah education, social, and Chesed (lovingkindness) opportunities that together build true Jewish backbone.

To realize our vision, our Motto is Family. Growth. Tradition.



Family is more than simply a husband and wife plus the kids. It also includes the people that surround and help support you throughout your everyday life. No matter if you’re single, recently married, married for 50+ years, small family, big family, etc., at the Country Shul, you will always be welcomed and treated like family . At the Country Shul we are here to support you. Current members are known for hosting beautiful events and welcoming guests with open arms. We offer Shabbat and Festival hosting to give the members of our community a taste of a traditional Shabbat or Festival celebration.


We currently offer classes for all levels and types of learning, including: an introductory to Talmud class, a Hebrew “Ulpan” weekly session, along with a Torah class every Shabbat, and a question and answer session on any topic to top it off. Women’s evenings, family events, and community celebrations offer hands-on and alternative ways to experience Torah life. Participants travel at whatever speed they prefer, but all are on the trajectory for personal growth.


We believe that maintaining the importance of tradition has kept the Jewish people alive. Our Rabbi tailors his message to our congregants’ updated lifestyles, so as to be able to deliver authentic Jewish insight to illuminate our lives.

We offer Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons as well as joint programming with the Schwartz-Reisman Centre and other key community organizations. Current works-in-progress include a Community Torah Scroll Scribing Campaign, in which a thousand adults plus a thousand children will Scribe a letter in a Torah Scroll after participating in a personalized and memorable educational event. A joint, community-wide mental illness awareness event is being planned for November.

Collectively, Family•Growth•Tradition is focused so as to allow today’s generation to access the riches of their Heritage to inform their major life’s decisions.

We invite all aboard for this incredible journey!



Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782