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Project Connect!


Welcome to Project Connect.

Project Connect is a program being rolled out by the Richmond Hill Country Shul designed to engage the local Jewish community with a group of adult education initiatives. The series will be designed to educate people on specific areas of Jewish study and how they pertain to history, current events, and future generations. Our goal is to rotate the facilitators for the project in order to engage a wide variety of audiences. We are also looking to dedicate 1 night per week to continue the learning.


The Project will be operational as an alternative learning option to standard Shabbat services and it will include a fully functional kids program and a deluxe Kiddush.  The Richmond Hill Country shul is situated amongst approximately 10,000 Jewish families who are in need of strong Jewish educational programming. Our hope is to make contact with these families and provide an essential service for them.


We are looking for financial support in the area of marketing and promotion. We are also looking for support to compensate the facilitators. In return for your generous   contribution, the Richmond Hill Country Shul will provide signage in the form of a sponsor board pull up banner and literature that will include our sponsors. 

We hope to grow with the community through healthy and exciting learning initiatives and we strongly believe there is an appetite for this program.

Thank you in Advance.

Ely Anbar

Marketing Director

Tel: 416.473.7385


Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782