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Shabbat Services

Today's Calendar

Homegroup Adult Learning w Rabbi Sanders (Men & Women)
: 8:30p
Wednesday Night Home Group w Rabbi Sanders
: 8:30p

Parshas Sh'lach

Candle Lighting

Friday, Jun 28, 8:46p


Motzei Shabbos, Jun 29, 9:54p

Shabbos Mevarchim

Shabbos, Jun 29
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Shabbat Morning 9:00 AM followed by a Community Kiddush at Noon

SHABBAT SCHEDULE • February 9th and 10th, 2018 • Shabbat Parshat Mishpatim • Parshat Shekalim


Shabbat Eve - Friday night  

5:21pm Shabbat Candle lighting

5:25pm Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Evening services


Shabbat Day - Saturday   

9:00am: Shacharit

10:15: Insights to the Torah Reading

10:25: Torah Reading

11:15: Rabbi's Message

11:30:  Mussaf

12:00: Kiddush  


 5:00PM  Mincha**        

Please make an effort to join us for Mincha!

5:25PM  3rd Meal + Ask the Rabbi


6:31PM  Ma'ariv + Havdalah Service (available in the Shul)


**Please Note: Mincha/3rd Meal/Maariv scheduling above is contingent upon Minyan confirmation. Please confirm your attendance @ Kiddush or email before Shabbat to confirm.


Havdalah not before: 6:31pm

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Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779